Cleeng was founded in 2011 and has grown by offering videos through streaming services. They offer both Pay per View services and subscription structures for Videos on Demand. Big names that use their services include FIFA, Final Fantasy, Golden Boy Promotions and One. Cleeng has offices in New York, Amsterdam and Poznan.

Goals Salesforce implementation
So far, extensive Excel files and the Base CRM program have been used.
When switching to Salesforce, the wish was expressed for a uniform, umbrella
create a client profile, whereby the possibility of generating very specific quotations and invoicing had to merge seamlessly. The Lead-to-Cash cycle is arranged at Cleeng in such a way that a customer can be eligible for different products at different times. Cleeng’s products are structured in such a way that they consist of a purchase of one fixed product, the streaming service and add-ons, whereby an estimate is made of the use. Based on the actual total usage to it
end of a contract year, the actual price is ultimately invoiced to the customer.
The CPQ functionality was used to steer this construction in the right direction. We
have structured the structure through four pillars: Guided Selling, Pricing Rules and Actions,
Quote Templates and Financial Force.
We have currently completed phase one of the implementation and will be in the first quarter
starting in 2019 with the next step: setting up a Community for Cleeng’s partners,
in which they can generate their own quotes.
After completion of the implementation in Q1 of 2019, Cleeng will complete their marketing, sales process and
have invoicing all running on one platform: Salesforce.