Eqraft develops worldwide sorting, weighing & amp; packaging solutions for onions, potatoes and bulk. Their craftsmanship extends from engineering and assembly to fully-fledged automation.

Goals Salesforce implementation
Before the switch to the Salesforce platform, Eqraft kept their customer files in their ERP system. The ERP system is designed in such a way that it is perfect for processing orders and invoicing, but is seriously inadequate when building up a customer profile. The main objective was therefore to create a clear picture of the customers and to make the business processes transparent. Profit4SF has linked the ERP system with the Salesforce platform during the implementation. For example, Eqraft retained its storage in the billing system, but at the same time a more effective method was introduced through the link. Sales and orders, leads and invoicing are effortlessly connected with each other, so that Eqraft immediately benefits from the enormous growth that they are currently experiencing.