KIVO Plastic Verpakkingen is currently one of the larger producers of polyethylene packaging material in Europe. The main location is in Volendam. KIVO Plastic Verpakkingen distinguishes itself by focusing on the thickness reduction of the packaging in their production process. This allows them to market an increasingly innovative product.

Goals Salesforce implementation
Salesforce is her first CRM system for KIVO. Previously, no CRM was kept, which was a significant loss for the company’s growth in relation to the active sales department that did not have the tools to focus on what’s important. With the purchase of the Salesforce package, KIVO focuses on a complete customer profile in which the Lead-to-Cash cycle is made clear and incoming cases can be handled quickly and correctly.
Profit4SF has been able to meet this need by integrating the entire sales department within the Salesforce Service Cloud to create more scalability for the future. In addition to the sales department, R & amp; D, Service and Marketing are also connected to the platform in order to better streamline processes and join forces within the CRM. In addition, through the automation of their sales processes, the sales department has much more control over the process and can respond when needed. To fully perfect the 360-degree customer profile, 10 links have been realized with the ERP system, so that all information is seamlessly transferred, resulting in an up-to-date, well-arranged customer profile from A to Z on the Salesforce platform.