The KNLTB is the umbrella tennis association of the Netherlands. The abbreviation stands for Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Bond. The head office of the union is located in Amersfoort. Approximately 1700 tennis clubs, and with that almost 570,000 tennis players, are affiliated with the KNLTB. This makes the tennis association the second largest sports association in the Netherlands. The KNLTB advises and supports the management of tennis associations in the field of association policy, accommodation and in legal disputes. The tennis association is responsible for national and district competitions, tournaments, for the training of tennis teachers and referees.  

Goals Salesforce implementation
The KNLTB wants to redesign its entire IT landscape and has defined the “Tennis Services” Project as one of the subprojects. Within this project, the current Microsoft CRM platform must be replaced by Salesforce’s CRM solution.

Salesforce Sales Cloud will be implemented to replace the current Microsoft CRM system. With the introduction of a new architecture, the intention is to keep more data out of the union, in such a way that data can easily be retrieved or forwarded. KNLTB wants to achieve this by introducing an so-called Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The goal is also to phase out MijnKNLTB, as well as to no longer keep track of Competitions and Tournaments in ServIT2. Profit4SF has managed to achieve these objectives by building two different communities, namely
o Tennis Teachers Community.
 – Within this community, tennis teachers have the option of obtaining their licenses
to renew and to register
o Association officials Community
 – Within this community the officials of the associations have a
complete overview of the accommodation they are a member of, including it
It is possible to enroll in the community for different courses.

Profit4SF has also relieved the KNLTB in the area of ​​case management through its service
department, which receives an average of 1000 notifications per week, into Salesforce
and to process through the Service Console.
Finally, Salesforce is now the central data hub for the entire IT structure of the KNLTB.
Various partners record data and request it, with Salesforce as the central point
data platform.