The well-known lingerie brand Marlies Dekkers has ambitious plans to take the company to the next level and has started to improve their marketing and service department. Before they started working with Salesforce, they used Zendesk for their service department and Clang for their marketing department. Because they have outgrown these applications, there was a desire to switch to Salesforce.

Goals Salesforce implementation
gather as much information as possible in the new Salesforce environment in order to be as customer-oriented as possible and to use this information to conduct strategic campaigns in the linked Marketing Cloud. Profit4SF has started implementing the Service Cloud and has created mail-to-case and Live Agent functionality. Live Agent ensures that the customer can chat in real time with a service employee via the website. A Facebook-to-case link has also been realized in which Facebook posts are entered directly as a case in the Salesforce environment of Marlies Dekkers. In addition, we have automated various processes via API calls, including:
> In which physical store the customer has made a purchase
> The automatic screening of guest accounts and converting this when there is a match in the system
in a customer account.
> Registering orders and linking them directly to the right customer
Based on this information, sales-specific information can be forwarded via the Marketing Cloud
to customers who often make purchases in a particular store.