Mors Smitt develops and distributes high-quality electronic equipment with a long effective life. This includes relays, panel meters and test and measurement equipment. Mors Smitt is active in the
energy, distribution, installation, industry, maritime, signaling infrastructure and railway / train branches.

Goals Salesforce implementation
Important objectives of Mors Smitt at the start of the Salesforce implementation were to introduce a smoother approval process for their quotes and a 360-degree customer profile. During the Sales Cloud implementation, Profit 4SF ensured that the approval process for quotations issued by Mors Smitt has been redesigned and greatly improved in terms of lead time and functionality. It has become easier for users to have a quotation flow through and approve it without this becoming a lengthy procedure. The result? Mors Smitt is able to do business faster and has improved its competitive position in the market.