Novamedia makes donations to charitable organizations that are eligible for this. Currently, 50% of the income of the National Postcode Lottery, BankGiro lottery and the Friends lottery is paid out. This year, 224 charity organizations received 465 million. In addition to the annual payment cycle, new projects must also be assessed as to whether they qualify for a donation.

Goals Salesforce implementation
Novamedia wants charities to better manage organizations that are eligible for a donation. They want to use the Salesforce CRM package for this. The communication needs to be improved. In addition to all standard data such as name and address and contact persons with their roles, it must be possible to record all contact moments. This includes the e-mail changes, visit reports and reports that are submitted. In addition to the regular projects, it must also be possible to record individual (extra) projects.
Campaigns must also be made to be able to send invitations for, for example, the “Good money gala” or for a beneficiary afternoon. Ultimately, it must also be possible for a benificient to be able to access his / her data and make certain changes. Profit4SF has set up such a structure within Salesforce that different projects can be recorded and linked to the right contacts and accounts. A Community has also been created where beneficiaries can make certain changes and adjust data.