Pearson is the world’s largest training company with more than 35,000 employees in 70 countries. The unique proposition of high class expertise has traditionally been based on the fact that & nbsp; works closely with teachers, students, scientists, authors and thought leaders. The products and services are used daily by millions of teachers and students. With a lot of attention for digitization, online learning resources and blended learning, Pearson tries to support, motivate and inspire everyone as much as possible to gain as much knowledge as possible.

Goals Salesforce implementation
he main objective of Pearson is to streamline their lead nurturing in the field of B2B and to set up their contact and information strategy in the field of B2C. The more effective design of the sales processes is inherent in this objective.

Profit4Sf helps Pearson achieve this goal through the implementation of both the Pardot platform and the Marketing Cloud. When configuring Pardot, the focus is on the B2B market and lead nurturing and sales processes are tightened up and optimized in consultation with our professionals. At the Marketing Cloud we take care of the entire Pearson content, worldwide, and we use targeted data extensions to target targeted campaigns
Setting up.