PicNic is the online supermarket that delivers to your home for free. All groceries are delivered for the lowest price at home.

Goals Salesforce implementation
By using Salesforce, PicNic wants to get an up-to-date product overview and keep it in a structural way, taking into account the purchase and sale of products across all their distribution centers. Profit4SF has been responsible for the entire PicNic infrastructure. Based on the product information management system we set up, all information about PicNic products is stored in Salesforce. The Salesforce environment of PicNic is set up in such a way that:

> Several suppliers upload data into the system each day, which then real time
product catalog update.
> All distribution centers are aware of the quantities and overviews.
> Storage of all product data is guaranteed. Product data provided in the mobile app from
PicNic being visible are all hosted in Salesforce.
> Based on the product information, it can be determined which products are on offer
can and which cannot.