XITE is a television channel focused on offering 24/7 content. Their TV channel, XITE “, has become an integral part of cable since 2008. The channel is distinguished by a continuous broadcast of video clips from the most popular songs on the charts. This makes the channel and the company itself popular with young people. In addition to the video clips, Xite also brings the latest news about concerts, festivals and artists in short excerpts. The range of the channel is huge, with more than 15 million subscribers in countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Qatar, Canada and the United States.

Goals Salesforce implementation
Inherent in offering the services that Xite provides is switching with many systems at the same time. Data must be stored correctly and preferably in a central location. This has been the main objective for Xite to work with Salesforce. Creating a single fixed point of data storage and information ensures that working is clearer for everyone.

Profit4SF has deployed its development team to meet Xite’s needs. By means of API links, the databases of Roku, Adyen, Xite Apollo, Xite Xiam & Exact Online linked with Salesforce. In addition, we set up the Service Cloud, so that cases can be handled quickly and directly by the Xite service department. The implementation of Profit4SF ensures that Xite has one source of truth: Salesforce.