Yaya is a very successful fashion company that has undergone a stormy development in recent years. They design and manufacture an extensive line of women’s clothing in both high fashion and “homeware” and publish two of these collections per year.

Goals Salesforce implementation
The main goals of Yaya that she wanted to achieve with Salesforce are the 360-degree customer profile for both B2B and B2C customers. Yaya was also looking for a way to keep case management in order and to be able to prioritize it. There was also a desire to build an API that would establish a connection with the ERP system, which would allow invoicing to be optimally synchronized with Salesforce.

Profit4SF has ensured in her implementation that Yaya receives her cases optimally in Salesforce. By means of email to case, cases are logged directly into Salesforce via the website and placed with the right department. Automatic responses are sent based on various criteria to which the customer has a direct to the point response to the submitted case. In addition to the 360-degree customer profile, Yaya now has an API link
in Salesforce a complete overview of orders, deliveries, orders and invoices that are visible to every user. In a specially designed Partner Community, Yaya partners also have the opportunity to gain insight into specific data associated with their company, thereby promoting cooperation and transparency.