Analytics Cloud

Transform the way in which your firm collects, analyses and utilises data. Ensure that information from various sources is available in one customer overview that makes quick action and decision making possible.

Take action based on data

Use data to easily discover insights and immediately get started.

Direct online
The Einstein Analytics App can be used directly in Salesforce so that you can take immediate action. You will never again have to wait for the IT department to install software and optimise it. Ask your questions directly and get started.

React quicker
If you have found the answer, then quickly take the next step with the built-in tools (Einstein Analytics Actions). Create tasks, update a record, share statistics and more, without having to wait for dated information analysis tools.

Developed for speed
Use Einstein Analytics to conveniently share Salesforce information and other data stored by your firm. Explore information, generate insights and take immediate action so that the whole team can get started.

Apps for all

The Einstein Analytics Apps are ready-to-use solutions that can be applied throughout every branch of your company.

Sales Apps
Sales Analytics is installed in advance and it includes all the lenses and dashboards that sales needs. Sales reps have access to an overview of what is missing and have a clear overall view of the customer. Managers can see what is coming up in immediate future, how the team is performing and where the new opportunities lie.

IT Apps
See your application performance, have insight into usage and receive security information for all your Salesforce apps with Einstein Analytics for Event Monitoring. Improve the overall Salesforce experience and discover who has seen critical company information.

Service Apps
With the dashboards and lenses of Service Analytics, the entire team can provide better services. The solution has been built-in to the Lighting Console which means service staff have complete image of the customer. As a manager, you follow the case trends, the efficiency of the employees and channel optimisation.

Work on any device

Einstein Analytics was developed to use on mobile devices and has been optimised for every type of device (Android and iOS).

Also available on smartwatches
Einstein Analytics for the Apple Watch was de the first business app for the smartwatch. Analysis information is now available on computers, smartphones, smartwatches and more.

Work together while you travel
No matter where you are, with Einstein Analytics, you will have the answers and be able to share your findings. Have conversations with your entire team, work together or make presentations from any device you can think of.

Make contact quicker

Quicker access to information
Hardware problems and poorly timed software updates are a thing of the past. Einstein Analytics is reliable, handy and starts up faster than traditional solutions.
Contextual dashboards
Build dashboards in the Customer Success Platform (ranging from Sales Cloud to Service Cloud and Community Cloud) and give employees and partners a consistent image of the information and provide access to new insights.

Safely explore information
Thanks to the powerful security and control elements, your company’s information is always secure so that each member of your team can focus on working together from any device.


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