Community Cloud

Today, online communities provide much added value for modern service-oriented organisations. They make it possible for organisations to have quick and easy access to provide service whenever customers, partners or employees require it. Salesforce communities are available anytime and anywhere on any kind of mobile device that has an Internet connection.

Increase your turnover

Salesforce Community Cloud enables you to make direct contact with other sellers, partners and distributors. Give these parties the opportunity to have access to real-time data, to register/qualify leads and sales opportunities, to view reports and dashboards and manage budgets. Making your own data and processes widely accessible to external parties results in an integrated network and a closer collaboration. This almost always leads to higher revenues.

Provide Quality Service

Allow customers, partners and employees to find a solution themselves via the articles, FAQs or by reading the existing forms via the online community platform. If the customer, partner or employee still needs to speak to a company representative, they can easily compile a case in the community. Cases are automatically escalated when they contain specific key words or when a question remains unanswered.

When Community Cloud is combined with Service Cloud, you can give your customers access to live video support 24 hours a day and they can receive personalised messages via their social media feeds. The predictive support of Service Cloud can even anticipate when a problem may arise even before the customer has reported it. You will always be one step ahead when you offer your solution!

Allow customers to make contact

Salesforce Community Cloud allows customers to consult with one another. It is possible to follow certain topics or receive updates on relevant conversations that take place on the online platform. Customers can support each other via the forum elements where they can utilise the expertise of the entire community.
Transform the work environment
Make it possible for your personnel to be more productive by making all the necessary information, experts and apps conveniently available. Use the mobile options that Salesforce Community Cloud offers for this.

Build a community of choice
Make the community an extension of your brand by equipping the community with the desired colours, logos and themes.


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