CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. The CPQ module of Salesforce ensures faster, more effective creation and calculation of quotes which can be carried out by the sales staff in a customer-friendly manner. Thanks to the built-in functionality, this is occurs with minimal effort and without mistakes. CPQ offers the possibility of keeping your quotes uniform in terms of layout and information provided. In addition, the products are linked to one another via product bundles which means generating a fitting quote has never been easier. Via subscriptions and contracts, Salesforce can keep track of the expiry dates of possible permits and rental agreements and extend these deadlines with just a few clicks.

Configure – Guided Selling

Determine yourself which products can be selected in creating a quote. Use the product bundles or automatically linked items. Compile various price volumes wherein products for various countries are represented or even per industry. By accurately configuring your products, Salesforce ensures that your sales employees no longer have to consider which products are most suitable for customers thanks to Guided Selling. This is what Salesforce can do for you! By linking products or including them in product bundles, the search for the right product is reduced to just a few simple clicks of the mouse.

Price – Automated Calculations

The built-in pricing module of CPQ also makes sure that you, before you complete your quote, can indicate what the value of a product is in the quote concerned. Do you use discount schemes or approval processes? Salesforce CPQ can integrate all of these kinds of factors into the pricing. This makes it possible to add various discount percentages to various products or to include a previously arranged discount percentage with a certain purchase. When you add changes you will immediately see under the line what the entered discount does to your total price.

Quote – Click and send

The last step in the CPQ process is comprised of generating a PDF document that can be sent to customers with just one click. The PDF that is generated can be modified to perfectly reflect the look and feel of your company. It also ensures a uniform representation of quotes for your entire organisation. You have the option of making various kinds of templates to choose from when generating quotes. These templates may include, for example, that specific discounts are or are not displayed, images that may or may not be visible on the quote or specific text fields aimed at a particular industry.

Salesforce CPQ takes an entire process completely off your hands. Via the Salesforce CPQ module, you can generate customised quotes in a jiffy.


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