Field Service

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is an add-on to Service Cloud and it takes your Customer Journey one step further; physically to your customer. Many companies in today’s market lose a lot money, efficiency and customer satisfaction because their field service is not connected to the CRM system and there is little or no collaboration between the two systems/departments. Salesforce FSL can change all that!

Seamless connection

Because FSL is within your CRM system, you bundle all your strengths into one. This ensures that your reports are all in one central location. In addition to the reports from your field service, you can also combine the data with your customer service to further optimise your business. You also have everything you need in one place whereby the experience of the customer and that of the employee is as optimal as possible. You can also easily combine work flows and business processes with this.

Specially developed app
Salesforce offers a specially developed app in which your field service (internal or external) has access to the assignments. It also has many features that will enhance the customer experience and the level of satisfaction of your employees. These features include the digital signing of work orders, the seamless integration with Google Maps and other navigation systems, as well as inventory management, offline modus, barcode scanner, knowledge bank and much much more.

Dispatcher console

It is important for the dispatcher to know how the external service operates in real-time. In this, it must also be convenient to make modifications in the planning, to see where the traffic is congested and to process urgent requests. This is all quite easily achieved with the dispatcher console. Here, you can see where your employees are geographically. Via a Gantt overview and a drag-and-drop, you can easily schedule assignments and make adjustments. FSL can also help you to optimally and automatically organise your resources. And all of this with just one push of the button!


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