Marketing Cloud

The customer journey is becoming more and more important in marketing. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can personalise the marketing via e-mail, mobile, social media, advertisements and the Internet to fit the needs of customers. Salesforce uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) which enables you to create journeys based on data. With it, you can create personalised omni-channel experiences for customers. Marketing Cloud can be managed via the desktop computer or your mobile telephone. Anywhere in the world, you can consult your smartphone to manage the campaigns.

Journey Builder

With the Journey Builder, you can easily keep track of all customer journeys and related marketing activities via one overview. By using customer data (browsing behaviour, buying history), you can send customised and personalised marketing campaigns to your target group. The journeys are dynamic and can always be adapted as based on new data and actions can be carried out omni-channel style (e-mail, SMS text messaging, push notifications, advertisements, landing pages, social media). And in the Journey Builder, your marketing campaign can be for hundreds or millions of unique customers.

E-mail marketing

E-mail Studio can be found in Salesforce Marketing Cloud- it is an advanced e-mail marketing platform. With E-mail Studio, you can conduct all kinds of e-mail campaigns, from simple marketing e-mails to personal messaging. All is based on the data found in Salesforce.
With E-mail Studio, you can easily compile target groups with the aid of a drag-and-drop tool. Adjust the filters as desired until you have the perfect target group and plan your marketing campaign at the perfect moment.

With E-mail Studio, you can use e-mail templates which were developed by marketing experts, to create e-mail with a responsive subject that perfectly correlate with the customer experience regardless of which device they are using. With the dynamic content, you can capture the attention of your target group with personal and real-time content. Are not sure if your e-mail campaigns will work or whether the look and feel of the e-mails are just right? Then you can verify this with A/B tests to see which method of communication is most effective. Detailed reports will provide you with ongoing feedback and insights.

Social Studio

With Social Studio, you can follow everything that is being said about your brand. You can then contact your audience and publish posts. Both your marketing and service teams can bolster your brand name this way through social media. With the reports and dashboards that can be seen on both desktops and mobile phones, you will know what the trending topics are and how your marketing department can respond to this.

By way of Machine Learning, the messages on social media about your company can be analysed and important, relevant messages are assigned with a higher priority. Then the marketing, sales or service departments can make contact.

Get acquainted with Advertising Studio

Would you like to use the data of every customer in your Salesforce system to display a personalised advertisement to your target group? Do you use Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (or other) advertisements? With Advertising Studio, you can start up a whole range of advertising campaigns from one platform. Measure and calculate the ROI of the campaign and synchronise the new data immediately with the customer records. Boost exemplary social posts with built-in social advertising. Tap into markets and new customers. By using Facebook look-alike audiences and Google similar audiences, you will find new prospects on the basis of valuable customers in Salesforce.

Mobile Studio

With Mobile Studio, you can reach customers with mobile solutions. These may include SMS text messaging, push notifications and actions based on the location of the customer. Thanks to drag-and-drop tools, you can segment customers based on location, demographic information and personal preferences. This allows you to create an experience with your brand that is real and physical. Make location-based messages in order to send special offers to customers whenever they are in the neighbourhood of your store.


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