Pardot is one of the two marketing solutions that Salesforce offers. Create and manage effective marketing campaigns and convert your best leads based on an automated score. With the help of Pardot, marketing and sales teams can work together to generate, assess and score leads! Through the link with Sales Cloud, you experience a streamlined collaboration between Lead Nurturing on one hand and Lead Conversion on the other.

Lead management

Every website visitor is stored in Pardot as a visitor. As soon as a visitor enters their e-mail address on your website, the visitor is converted into a prospect. You will then receive a real-time notification when your prospect is active on your website or during e-mail campaign. All of this through Salesforce and on every conceivable device. You also have the option of assigning a score to the (inter)actions of/with the prospect. With a certain score, the prospect is automatically converted in Salesforce!

Lead qualification
Pardot has the tools to generate leads so that a constant influx of high-value prospects is created. By assigning points to all the activities of the prospect, you can qualify and prioritise your prospects. You can also create tasks for your marketing and sales teams for the activities of the prospect. This way, you can reach the right prospect at the right moment.

Link with Google AdWords
Connect Pardot to your Google AdWords account to track prospects that come to you via paid search. This will enable you to see how the prospect came to your website, the actual costs per qualified lead and the SEO ROI.

E-mail campaigns and
landing pages with forms

Landing pages and forms
Design landing pages in Pardot and add dynamic forms to them. This way, you can make a form for each website visitor with perfectly matched questions. You can do all of this with the aid of easily manageable drag-and-drop tools.

Carry out A/B tests on landing pages
Let Pardot do your research for you. Optimise your landing pages automatically with the help of A/B and multi-variance tests.

Personalise the buying experience
Stylise dynamic e-mail and web content as based on the score, the branch and the profession of a prospect.

Customer Journey and Reports

With the help of the Pardot Salesforce Journey Builder, it is easy to make any conceivable scenario in Pardot and attach an action to it such as an e-mail campaign or a task for your marketing/sales team. You can then clearly present the results via reports.

Gain insight into what the actual ROI of your marketing actions is with the help of closed-loop reporting. Gain insight into the success of campaigns, the status of your sales funnel and much more. Compile reports on the lifecycle in order to get a better understanding of the status of the sales cycle. Discover why some prospects get caught in the funnel. Look beyond the costs per click and discover how the Google AdWords campaigns influence your business results.


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