Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s CRM solution that supports your company throughout the entire
sales process. All information pertaining to a relation, including the contact moments and the
selling opportunities with this company. Sales Cloud is a CRM system that runs in the Cloud
and is accessible from anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.
This means you will always have access to current information.

Make better deals

Overview of all relations
With Sales Cloud, all related information is documented and you have a 360 degree picture of the customer. Which campaigns has the customer been exposed to? Who are the contact persons there and what are their roles? Has there been e-mail communication with this customer? Also insight into agreements, visit accounts,
sales opportunities, quotes and orders associated with this relation.

Manage your sales opportunities
See in which phase the sales opportunities are found, which services and products are popular, who is the competition and what is the potential turnover in the future? You have access to the most recent information so that you’re prepared for every sales interview
and ready to make the best possible deal.

Collaborate on deals
Share knowledge by using Chatter, the internal Salesforce communication tool. Every sales employee can give their input on deals and share their knowledge. Also by way of opportunity teams, two or more employees can garnish as many deals as possible
and keep each other up-to-date.

Collaborate with partners on sales opportunities
With the Partner Community you can collaborate with partners to enhance your sales opportunities. This will give you a clear overview of what your partners are working on.

Acquire more leads

Lead Management
With Sales Cloud, you can clearly distinguish between leads and customers. Manage the leads, make contact and see if the lead is interested in your product or service. Report on this data
and bolster your Lead Nurturing.

From website visitor to customer
By having visitors complete a contact form or whenever a visitor downloads a whitepaper, you receive information about the visitor that you can use to let the visitor know about your products and services. By using web-to-lead, you can add the information that a visitor leaves behind on the website to a lead.

Increase your productivity

Access all your relation information while you are on the road
Salesforce works in the cloud and is therefore accessible for any device that has an Internet connection. Before you visit the customer, have a quick look at the latest information or edit the latest insights via mobile phone or tablet.

Sales Cloud can be connected with Gmail (G Suite) and Microsoft Outlook. E-mail from the Sales Cloud to the lead and customers or add e-mails from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook to your
Salesforce environment.

Make decisions based on data

Reports and Dashboards
The dashboards give you real-time insight into your company in just one glance. Delve deeper with more detailed reports that can be compiled by anyone. Access these reports and dashboards from any location.

Visit and conversation reports
Maintain a record of all visits and telephone conversations in the visit and conversation reports. This way, you will always know what you have agreed with the customer and what the precise details are.


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