Service Cloud

Customers have higher expectations of customer service these days. That is why a well-organised customer service is crucial. Customers wan to be helped in a personal manner 24/7. Service Cloud is a Salesforce solution that supports customer service by managing all the customer requests and making the service more personal.

Salesforce Service Console

The customer service staff is asked to respond to several different customer requests at the same time. By way of the Salesforce Service Console, the employees can clearly and conveniently work on several cases at the same time. The employees have a 360 degree picture of the customer and all the information they need is right there at their fingertips. This helps in providing the best possible customer service and keep customer satisfaction high.

Knowledge base
Give your staff support with a knowledge base so that they can easily respond to frequently asked questions with standard replies. Automatic suggestions for appropriate answers are generated from the knowledge base as based on the subject matter.

Aanpasbare rapporten en dashboards
How many cases are coming in? How long does it take for a case to be resolved? Which communication channels are used often and what are most of the customer questions about? These are a few of the examples of the reports you can have access to or create yourself. These reports are graphically displayed on the dashboards. Based on these reports, you can easily figure out how to improve customer service.

The right employee on each case

Automating standard actions
By automating standard actions, the service employees can help the customer faster and handle more cases at the same time. Guided by “quick text”, many prevalent texts such as greetings or questions can be automatically added and included in personal fields.

Automatic referral of a case
Every employee has their own specialty. Guided by smart rules for referral, it is possible to utilise the specialty of each employee and automatically refer certain cases to a specific employee.

Limiting the waiting time together
No customer enjoys being made to wait. With the help of waiting lines, employees can tackle cases that are in the waiting line as quickly as possible and help customers who have a problem.

All channels in one system

A few years ago, we only had the telephone and e-mail as communication tools, but these days, there are all kinds of channels for communication. Salesforce ensures that all of the available channels can be managed from one system.

Integrated telephone system
Benefit from telephone integration with the most popular CTI systems. Summarise a conversation directly when a customer calls and manage calls all on one console and without actually using a telephone

E-mail integration
With the e-mail integration of Salesforce, every e-mail that comes in is converted via the general support address into a case which all employees can respond to. This way, you can see the entire e-mail history with the customer in Salesforce and you have a clear idea of your support questions.

Social Media
Manage the questions and responses of the various social media such as Twitter and Facebook directly in your Service Console and be able to answer from Salesforce.

Live Chat
More and more websites offer a live chat function with which customers can chat directly with a service employee. It is even possible to carry on several chats at once in Salesforce.

Customer Community
Allow customers to search through the knowledge base themselves or to enter a case themselves via the Customer Community, the customer portal of Salesforce. Here, customers can also see and edit their own personal details.


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