Your organisation will first have to establish a CRM strategy. We would like to advise you on this.

First we establish the objectives together:

  • How are the various departments and employees working together??
  • What sales method do you want to use?
  • How can the business processes be automated via workflow?
  • How do you want to communicate to your customers?
  • How will customer service have more satisfied customers?
  • How can you make sure that sales and marketing work more closely together?
  • What kind of reporting will you use?

After we have established a rough idea of what the needs and requirements are, the first modifications will be made in the Salesforce application in an interactive workshop.


Profit4SF implements on the basis of fixed price or subsequent costing. This means we carry out the work as indicated in the scope.

Expedient implementation
The modifications are implemented in a number of iterations. It is possible that this will require customisation or that an integration with one of the other source systems must be realised. The software will seamlessly connect to your work processes and company objectives in no time and you will be satisfied! If you would like to know how our project approach works, please read here all there is to know about how a Salesforce implementation of Profit4SF is carried out.


Salesforce User Training
Having a well organised system is no good is nobody uses it. To realise a good user adoption, we train our customers for the Go-Live of a Salesforce implementation. During this training, all prospective users are instructed on how to apply Salesforce optimally during their daily work activities. A Salesforce training for Profit4SF is fully customised, which means that it is organised according to how the customer’s processes are arranged. Participants of the user training are all given a Salesforce manual which they can consult at all times whenever they need to. This is also handy for new employees, of course, so that they can immediately access the manual and get started.

Training Reports/Dashboards
During the Reports/Dashboard Training of Profit4SF, users are given a detailed explanation about the possibilities that Salesforce offers for building reports and dashboards. By compiling specific reports, you will have better insight into your Salesforce data. You can make this data graphic by placing various reports with corresponding graphs in a dashboard.

Depending on the target group, the training courses can be provided to:

  • Sales employees
  • Service employees
  • Marketing employees
  • Office management
  • Systeem administrators
  • Salesforce Admin

The training courses can be provided in the form of a presentation, classically or individually.
If your organisation still has questions, we are more than happy to offer Support.
If you would like to know what the possibilities are for your organisation, please contact us about your training needs without any obligation whatsoever.


After your system is up and running and the users have been trained, Profit4SF remains available for support.

Support when you need it
In practice, your needs are constantly changing. In order to be able to provide support, Profit4SF uses the principle of the “subscription card”, whereby you determine in advance how many hours of support you want buy in relation to your needs. With the support of Profit4SF, you will always have a certified Salesforce CRM expert at your disposal. Whether it concerns administrative tasks, the development of new reports and dashboards or the management of the security of your system and data.

The benefits of support

  • Support for the optimal functioning of your sales, service and marketing processes
  • Prevent commercial losses within your user organisation when an application does not work
  • Advice when new Salesforce functionalities become available
  • Management and modification of your Salesforce applications by certified Salesforce experts
  • Develop new reports and dashboards
  • Manage the security of your system and data
  • You do not need to employ or train Salesforce experts yourself
  • Highly efficient response time of 4 hours on business days


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