Wolters Kluwer Law

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juni 2018

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The client

Wolters Kluwer is the name in the field of internationally related content. The focus of this content lies mainly in the field of case-law and in the financial sector.

Wolters Kluwer’s main reason to take a close look at the sales process was to generate more structure and overview at various levels within the organization. The way of working consisted of keeping track of various Excel files, going through financial reports and peering through common matters. These actions were all done manually, making the entire process from prospect to customer identification very time consuming. The distribution of the relevant data in different files made it difficult to keep track of a customer history. There was a proliferation of data, in short, the overview was lacking.

During the implementation by Profit4SF the entire sales process of Wolters Kluwer was optimized. Where in the past proliferation arose, there is now an unambiguous overview of leads, customers and possible sales opportunities. By means of personalized solutions is it possible for sales employees to run quotations with the push of a button, whereby invoice information is entered in Salesforce via a coupling built by Profit4SF. Because, depending on the criteria set, a new sales opportunity is now automatically created when a subscription is granted, sales keeps an overview that makes it clear why their customers want to renew or not. This valuable information is then displayed in dynamically set reports. A separate authors department within Wolters Kluwer keeps track of publications for the number of authors per publication. A “Service Bus” has been set up especially for this department to take care of the integration with Wolters Kluwer’s fulfilment- and order system. This has also created a complete overview in this area, where it is now possible to gain access to the publications themselves on the basis of a unique IP address.